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We Need You!

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Drive Safe for a chance to win $100,000!

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Did you hear this on the radio?

Is your child in the right seat?

Drive Safe Missoula & Vision Zero

To accomplish this vision, we need you!   


Your family, friends, other drivers, pedestrians, bikers, construction workers, and first responders need you!  

We all need you to get to where you are going safely.


We need you to drive "In Control" and buckled up, 100% Sober, and free from distractions.

Drive Safe Missoula

We Need You!


Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving painted on roadway with mountains in the distance.

To prevent impaired driving through education, the support of traffic enforcement, the advancement of safe driving awareness and effective legislation.

Image of a vehicle occupant wearing a seatbelt.  Image is from the back seat of the vehicle.

The Missoula County Buckle Up Montana Coalition promotes proper seat belt and child safety seat use.

Happy infant being buckle up in a car seat.

Need help obtaining a child safety seat?   We can help.   We have a limited number of Child Safety Seats available to families who are in need.

Serving Beer

Montana requires alcohol server training from a state-approved program for anyone serving or selling alcohol within 60 days of being hired and renewal training every three years.

Video Spotlight

Close up image of yellow stripe on roadway with trees off in the distance

Drive Safe Missoula

Drive Safe Missoula is dedicated to promoting a culture of safety on the roadways of Missoula County. Drive Safe Missoula is the proud home of the Missoula County DUI Task Force and the Missoula County Buckle Up Montana Coalition.

Aligned with the Vision Zero initiative from the State of Montana, our ultimate goal is to achieve zero serious injuries and zero deaths on our roadways. Through education, support for traffic enforcement, and the advancement of safe driving awareness, we strive to eliminate impaired driving and increase the proper use of seatbelts and child passenger seats.

With a focus on prevention, education, and collaboration, Drive Safe Missoula aims to create a community where every individual understands the importance of responsible driving behaviors. By working together, we can ensure the safety and well-being of all residents and visitors on our roads."

The lead agency for Drive Safe Missoula is the Missoula City-County Health Department.

Drive Safe Missoula is supported by funding provided by the Montana Department of Transportation (MDOT).

Learn more about the History of Drive Safe Missoula here.

Please check out and support all of our partners who have been working hard to keep Missoula a safer place to live.


Reckless & Distracted Driving
The #1 Killer of Teens in America 

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Why We Need You!

Lives lost on Montana Roadways As of
July 14, 2024

compared to 93 roadway fatalities
for this same time period in 2023



Impaired Driving*


Behaviors that contributed to the fatalities

Improper Restraint*










2024 Montana Roadway Fatalities

ATV Riders*

Previous Years -  Total Fatalities

2019 - 184
2020 - 213
2021 - 239
2022 - 213
2023 - 208

*Unconfirmed Factors: this information is taken from Montana Highway Patrol crash data. These investigations remain ongoing. The data and contributing factors should be viewed as preliminary only and are subject to change.



For any inquiries, questions, comments, or requests please feel free to email or call:


Steve Schmidt

Senior Community Health Specialist

Drive Safe Missoula Coordinator


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Drive Safe Missoula
World Headquarters

301 W. Alder

Missoula, MT  59802

Drive Safe Missoula Logo on an image of a roadway with a yellow and white road stripe.
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