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Child Passenger Safety

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Desert Road

  Child Passenger Saftey Week is September 18-24, 2022  

collision repair

Car Seat Use After A Crash?

Registering your car seat

provides the manufacturer of your child safety seat the ability to contact you should there be important safety notices or recalls.

Why Register?

More Stuff is Caught Than Taught

If you are reading this, your child is likely riding in a car seat in the back seat of your vehicle.   While they are riding behind you, they are likely watching you.   They will pick-up or catch your driving behaviors. I know it may seem like it's going to be forever from now that they are going to ask for the keys, and why would you even think about your kids driving, however, their "Driver's Ed" begins when they get into any vehicle.   They are watching and will do as you do, despite what you will one day tell them.   Because we "will do anything for our kids" lets set the example and show them the driving behaviors we want them to use.   Want to learn how to never hear the parents kryptonite line, "Yeah, but you..."   Watch this video.

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