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Child Passenger Safety

Car Seat Vouchers

Need assistance obtaining a Car Seat or Booster Seat?

We may be able to help

Important Information About Our Car Seats
  • We have a limited number of car seats available

    •  Our annual budget to purchase car seats and booster seats is limited to $1000.

  • ​Our seats are reserved for families and caregivers who are receiving some form of public assistance.​

  • We typically purchase convertible car seats (i.e., Cosco Scenara Next)

    • Convertible car seats often provide the families with the ability to use the car seat from day one through the child's preschool years and often times beyond.  (5 to 40 lbs.)

  • We occasionally purchase Infant-only car seats for new babies weighing less than 5 pounds

    • These seats often have a maximum weight limit of 30 pounds.

  • The Booster seats we typically purchase have a weight range from 30 to 100 pounds. (i.e., Cosco Finale 2-in1 Booster Seat)

  • We do not take requests to purchase specific car seats, however, we may be able to assist with car seats for children with special needs.

  • We do our best to purchase a variety of colors (i.e., Grey, Blue, Pink, etc.) to accommodate different children, but we may not have your desired color choice in stock.

    • We are often at the mercy of local retail inventories.​


The Process

(Missoula County Residents)

1.  Are you a parent or caregiver in need of a car seat?
2.  Are currently receiving some sort of public assistance?
3.  Contact Drive Safe Missoula 
a. Phone - (406) 258-3880
4.  A Voucher for a Free car seat will be completed
5.  Together, we will determine which Car Seat Fitting Station would work best for you.
6.  You will be provided with a phone number to schedule an appointment with that fitting station.
7.  Attend your scheduled appointment and learn how to properly install your new car seat.
a.  Plan for your appointment to last about 1 hour
Important Note
Our services and those of the individual fitting stations are designed to be educational in nature.  Recipients of the car seats learn how to properly install the car seats themselves under the guidance of a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.   The technicians are there to answer questions and to provide education on the best practices related to child passenger safety.  This program is not an installation service.
We have a limited inventory of car seats reserved for families receiving some sort of public assistance.
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