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UM Masquer Theatre Welcomed a Captivating Production Exploring Personal Journeys of Redemption

[Missoula, MT] - No Joke Theater proudly presented " Broken Toys Tales of Recovery and Transition ," an
emotionally charged and transformative theatrical experience held at the UM Masquer Theatre on Thursday, December 7th, and Friday, December 8th, 2023.  The Friday, December 8th video is below.

"Broken Toys" was an intimate portrayal of personal narratives filled with resilience, hope, and the
courage to overcome adversity from local Missoulians . However, it's important to note that the performance
contains adult language and material
, ensuring a raw and authentic reflection of the human experience.

Directed by the esteemed Leah Joki, a Juilliard School of Acting alumni with over 23 years of experience
teaching acting within prison walls, this production marks a compelling fusion of artistic expression and
therapeutic healing. Leah is collaborating with local individuals, guiding them to craft their stories of recovery
and transition into poignant plays.

Additionally, Broken Toys integrated scenes from well known and respected playwrights. Participants chose
scripted material that authentically mirrored their own paths of recovery and transition.

This unique rehabilitative therapy theater program empowers these individuals to step into the spotlight and
share their own tales of struggle, transformation, and triumph. By performing their narratives, they reclaim
their voices, inspiring audiences and fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges they've faced.

" 'Broken Toys,' is a platform where personal stories become powerful sources of healing and inspiration. It's
about celebrating resilience, acknowledging the human spirit's capacity for change, and showcasing the
transformative power of theater," shared Steve Schmidt of Drive Safe Missoula.

It was an unforgettable evening that illuminated the journey from darkness to redemption. Watch the captivating performances and support these courageous individuals as they take center stage to share their narratives of hope and recovery.

For more information about Leah Joki & No Joke Theater visit -

No Joke Theater is committed to using the art of storytelling to inspire personal growth, community
awareness, and social change. Through creative and innovative productions, the theater aims to engage
audiences and provide a platform for authentic human experiences.

This production contains mature content, including adult themes, strong language, and discussions of domestic violence and suicide. Viewer discretion is advised.

The portrayal of sensitive topics is intended for artistic storytelling and may be triggering or unsettling for some audience members.

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