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Welcome Lifesavers Superhero!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Resources

Places to go to learn more about AI

Generative AI - Text

Generative AI - Images

AI Painting.png
AI Voice

Generative AI - Voice

  • Eleven
    • Limited Free

    • I pay $20/month for this

    • Text to Speech - I've actually cloned my own voice to I can type anyting and it will read it in my voice.  

    • Hundreds of other voices to pick from

Where I learn about AI

    • Huge list of AI tools and Resources

    • This is my one stop shop

  • FutureTools - Videos
    • Matt Wolfe hosts the #1 AI Channel on YouTube!​

    • This is where I learn anything and everything.

    • I don't have any affiliation with Matt Wolfe or any of the companies listed here, they are just too good to not share.

Future Tools.PNG

When in doubt - Ask AI

  • When you absolutely don't know what to do...Ask AI
  • Remember the "Garbage in - Garbage out" principle
    • The better info you put in the better info you will get out!​
  • For Example - Into ChatGPT or Claude3 I would ask:
    • I run a local DUI Task Force.   I'm trying to engage the public with a sober driving campaign.  I don't know where to begin.   Can you help guide me through a 10 step process to run a successful campaign.   Feel free to ask clarifying questions to get as much information as you need to help build the process.​
  • Feel free to reach out to contact information is listed below in the footer.​
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