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Let's Not Wreck the Holiday - Tips

The holiday season often involves parties, celebrations, and travel.  As part of the "Let's Not Wreck the Holidays" campaign, here are some tips to consider for getting around safely and soberly this December. 
For Employers & Organizations:
  1. Provide free Uber/Lyft codes for employees at holiday parties.
  2. Arrange designated drivers for staff gatherings. 
  3. Offer taxi reimbursement for seasonal events.
  4. Have phone numbers for rideshares readily available.
  5. Set up a "buddy system" to ensure people get home safely.

For College Students: 
  1. Volunteer to be the designated driver. 
  2. Swap keys at parties - only one drives.
  3. Use campus safe rides programs.
  4. Split Uber costs with friends.
  5. Set an alarm for last call to catch public transit. 

For Families & Individuals:
  1. Have a non-drinking family member be on call for rides. 
  2. Download rideshare apps in advance and save payment info.
  3. Pre-schedule your pickup from parties and events.  
  4. Stay over with a sober friend or family member.
  5. Bring a designated driver to group gatherings.
  6. Take public transportation to events.
  7. Avoid driving altogether if you plan to drink.
  8. Call a taxi as soon as you realize you shouldn’t drive. 
  9. Place your keys in a designated spot before the party.
  10. Stash some cash aside for a safe ride home.
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Together, we can make a commitment to planning ahead and never driving impaired. Use these tips to ensure your family, friends, and community members make it home safely for the holidays. Let's Now Wreck The Holidays.  Thanks for choosing to drive sober, Missoula. 
Looking to talk with another alcoholic?  AA can help! 
Call the Montana AA Hotline
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