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Buckle Up Buttercup and AI's images

I recently watched a short YouTube video titled "Common Sayings illustrated by AI by @greenskullAI . Here's the link, it's a fun short video.

Here are some of the images from the video Pea Brain, Snug as a Bug In a Rug, Let the Cat Out of the Bag, Spill The Beans, Happy as a Clam, and Walking on Egg Shells. There are many more but you'll have to watch the video above to check them out.

Bonus Images: At the end of this post, I'll show you what MidJourney thinks I look like writing this post. It's not that far off, even if I was a Simpson. LOL

So I decided to see what sort of images AI would generate for some of the common terms that I use here at Drive Safe Missoula.

I used the Midjourney Bot to "Imagine" images for the following. Please note that MidJourney doesn't "do text" very well and often just uses weird random letters of sorts. I did not provide any additional prompts. I simply just told it to "imagine" the bold highlighted words above the images below (i.e., /imagine Drive Safe Missoula or /imagine Buckle Up Buttercup.) When you want Midjourney to make an image of something you have to start by telling it to "Imagine" the image. Midjourney's AI Bot generates 4 images for each prompt given and then allows the ability to ask for different versions of any one particlular image or you can "upscale" any of the generated images. I've added some of my thoughts below each set of images. Let me know what you think?

Imagine Drive Safe Missoula

My thoughts: Remember Midjourney doesn't handle text well but I think it realised that "Drive Safe Missoula" was more of a logo and I find it interesting that it must have known that Missoula is located in the mountains.

Imagine Drive Sober

My thoughts: I'm not sure about the bottom two images. I find it interesting that it produced a bottle that appears to be alcohol.

Imagine Impaired Driving

My thoughts: The top left image, I like the "Mountain" look inside the glass but I don't really know how it relates to impaired driving outside of a gigantic car sized glass of alcohol infront of a car. Top right image: Very interesting. I see a face inside a flooded car. I'm not sure what the logo (perhaps a logo from alcohol bottle) is in the front of the car. Bottom two images: These are just wierd and I have so many questions. Why is the cop in the passenger seat? Why is the other officer apear to be kissing the very oddly shaped glass?

Imagine Don't Text and Drive

My Thoughts: These are interesting. I really like there the Midjourney Bot was going with the top left image and the bottom right image. I like how the windshield is similar to the shape of a phone. I think I'm going to expand on these with something along the lines of "Drive the Car, Not the Phone." Keep an eye out for future blog posts about these.

Imagine Traffic Safety

My thoughts: Interesting that two of the four images have school busses and small children in reflective vests. I don't have a clue with what is going on in the lower left image and what on earth is that three legged thing on the sign? LOL

Imagine Occupant Protection

My thoughts: Perhaps I should have had it imagine "Vehicle Occupant Protection" There seems to be way too much glass in these images. I don't know if I woulf feel safe and I'm really glad that we don't have to drive around in the metal suit in the top left image. Cute kid, though.

Imagine Buckle Up Buttercup

My thoughts: Okay, I think MidJourney did the best with "Buckle Up Buttercup" I was a bit confused with the cow, but apparently there a lot of cows name buttercup and there is even a kids book called Buttercup the Cow. I love it.

Imagine a 49 year old bald guy with glasses working on a computer making Midjourney images

And now as a 49 year old bald guy with glasses as a Simpson's Character working on a computer making Midjourney images

My thoughts: Okay, maybe the green sweater...but the other shirts? LOL

The real me sitting at the computer working on this very blog post.

What do you think about the AI generated images? How did Midjourney do? Feel free to let me know and as always, Drive Safe Missoula.

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