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Call on President Biden to End Traffic Deaths

The National Safety Council is currently requesting that we all call on President Biden to end Traffic Deaths in our country. Annually, almost 40,000 individuals lose there lives on our roadways with millions more suffering injuries.

Emergency caution tape in front of a crashed car that has damage to it's front right headlight.  The headlight area is smashed from a car crash

Click the image of the letter below to sign on your behalf or on behalf of your organization. Note: Drive Safe Missoula is not collecting this information and you will be taken to a Google From page for the National Safety Council

To learn more about the National Safety Council click their logo

Drive Safe Missoula shares the Vision Zero initiative. We look forward to a time in which we see zero serious injuries and zero deaths on our roadway. It's possible. Look at this

200 people have lost there lives so far here in Montana during 2021. Of those 119 were impaired. Imagine if those 119 chose to find a sober ride. 102 were not wearing their seat belt. Imagine if they were properly restrained. 24 were motorcyclists. Just imagine if they were all wearing protective gear and were all 100% sober. What would our numbers look like? Folks, we could be close to ZERO! In order to get there, we need you. Your family needs you, your friends need you, and our community needs you to get to where you are going safely. Please drive 100% sober and buckled up.

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