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Driving druing the holidays is riskier, folks, so Drive Safe Missoula.

A new study by CoPilot, the car-shopping guide, says in Montana, fatal accidents increase by 34% during the holidays -- putting our state in the Top 20 for increased driving fatalities.


  • Increase in fatal crashes on holidays: 34.3%

  • Most dangerous holiday for road travel: Fourth of July

  • Average fatal crashes per day on holidays: 0.71

  • Average fatal crashes per day on non-holidays: 0.53

  • Share of all fatal crashes occurring on holidays: 6.5%

Getting out of Montana doesn't mean you're Home-Free-For-The Holidays, either. Washington and Oregon see their fatality rates jump 40% at the holidays, South Dakota's goes up 48% and in Alaska...a whopping 72%.

The study also showed a (non-surprising) relationship between drinking, driving and fatal holiday crashes. (see illustration)

So Buckle Up, never get behind the wheel if you've been drinking and Drive Safe Missoula.

Sheila Callahan of Mountain Broadcasting has been an instramental partner of the Missoula County DUI Task Force and Buckle Up Montana Coalition which is now Drive Safe Missoula, for years.

Mountain Broadcasting is home to the area's only locally owned radio stations:


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