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How to avoid the words, "Yeah, but you..." from your kids.

Long before I was a parent, I heard this statement, "When it comes to raising children, more stuff is caught than taught."

What does that mean exactly? Let's imagine it's time to teach your child how to drive, and you tell them, "Don't use your phone while driving! No texting! No searching for music! Just Drive!" Yet your child has spent the last ten years of their life sitting in your car's back seat watching you use your phone while driving. If this is the case, your words are meaningless. You can "teach" your child not to use their phone, but they have already "Caught" the behavior and will do as you do. If you try to scold them for using their phone, they will say, "Yeah, but you use your phone while driving." (Check out this video.)

Therefore, to avoid hearing those words and putting ourselves in a situation where we inadvertently teach our children a potentially deadly behavior, we as parents need to demonstrate exactly what driving free from the influence of technology looks like. We need to put our phones down. Not only does this make it immediately safer for our kids who are riding in our vehicles, but we are teaching our children the exact behavior we want them to adopt when they get behind the wheel.

Then, when it comes time to teach them how to drive a vehicle safely, you can use those words, "Yeah, but you don't see me use my phone while driving, do you?"

We all share the road, and I promise to do my part to keep your family safe while I'm driving and by teaching my children to drive safely. I appreciate you ensuring my family is safe as you head out on our roadways and teach your children how to drive safely. Thank you.

Please join us by taking the pledge to avoid Driving Under the Influence of Technology (DUIT). Please promote the #IDontDUIT (I Don't Drive Under the Influence of Technology) hashtag on social media and visiting our page on Distracted Driving to learn more.

Thank You and Drive Safe, Missoula..

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