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Imagine that I choose to not wear my seatbelt

Imagine the other driver crashing into my car.

Imagine how I fly across the passenger compartment.

Imagine the collision between me and my friend the passenger.

Imagine that we both die.

Imagine how that would affect my family and my friend's family.

Imagine if you were my friend's family.

Imagine the families being notified.

Imagine how the crash scene would affect the witnesses who stopped to help.

Imagine the mother telling her 8-year old son to look the other way as she drives around the scene, but he doesn't.

Imagine how the horrible images and the scenes that flash in the minds of the first responders night after night for the next month or longer.

Imagine the confused pets at home waiting for us to come back.

Imagine the cost for all those responders, the hospital, the vehicles, the tow trucks, the lost wages, the insurance, the funeral expenses.

Imagine Why?

I imagine it was because I decided, heck with the law, it should be my choice to not wear my seatbelt, and we live in a free country. Click it or Ticket...Don't tell me what to do.

Also, imagine if I was wearing my seatbelt.

Imagine me calling a tow truck and having to contact a collision repair shop.

Imagine how I would be bruised and sore when I went to work the next day.

Imagine how bad this day would have been for me.

Imagine how my passenger survives.

Imagine how happy my pets will be when I get home a little bit later than expected.

Imagine the first responders being able to help others in need.

Imagine how an overworked nurse could actually take a break during their shift.

Imagine how free I would really be to make more choices and truly live free.

- Steve Schmidt

Please. Drive Safe Missoula

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