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It's National Child Passenger Safety Week

You will likely hear a lot of radio ads regarding the importance of getting your child's car seat checked by a certified Child Passenger Safety (CPS) technician - or - ads regarding how to ensure your child is in "The Right Seat" Or, you will hear our new Knuckles for Buckles Safety Game Ad. Listen Below.

Knuckles for Buckles - A fun safety game.

Here's how to play.

  1. Get buckled up in your car seat, booster seat, or with a seat belt.

  2. Give a fist bump, also known as "Knuckles," to everyone else who is buckled up as you say, "Knuckles for Buckles!"

  3. Can't reach the other people in the vehicle? No Problem. Just do "Knuckles" to the roof as you say,

  4. Some people even shorten the name and say "Knucks for Bucks."

Credit where Credit is Due.

During the 2021 Western Montana Fair, I was chatting with people who stopped by our Respect The Cage Exhibit about the importance of wearing seat belts.

I had a group of very young kids walk by with a couple of their caretakers. The young ones were amazed by the crashed car, and they just kept asking, "What happened?" I said that the car is out here to help them understand why they always wear their seat belts and why they are always buckled up in their car seats. At that moment, the caregivers asked, "What do we all say when we are buckled up?" All the kids yelled, "Knuckles for Buckles," as their fists shot up in the air.

I nearly had tears in my the caregivers explained that the kids get to do "Knuckles" to signal that they are all buckled up. If they can't reach one another, they do the knuckles to the roof of the vehicle. They also called it "Knucks for Bucks."

I asked if they would all be willing to do a video with me explaining the Knuckles for Buckles, but they were unable to. I wondered if I could utilize the saying and strategy in my marketing, and they said I could.

I instantly recognized an actual level of "Genius" with this, and I'm sad that I did not get a single name. Still, I am thrilled to spread this around our community and beyond. I think of the familiar and famous "Slug Bug" from back in the day. I would be honored to help make "Knuckles for Buckles" a regular and expected part of keeping youth safer in vehicles.

To the caregivers and the kids, I don't think I can express how unbelievably grateful and honored to have received the "Knuckles for Buckles" gift from you all that one day of the fair. Pure Genius.

Please help spread the "Knuckles for Buckles" safety message. This is something that can help save lives. Keep an eye out for more.

Thanks and as always, Drive Safe Missoula.

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