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Mythbusting: A 5-Point Harness Is Safer Than A Booster Seat for Older Kids

First, as part of National Child Passenger Safety Week, I'm encouraging parents and caregivers to spend some time to ensure that the children under your care are traveling as safely as possible.

As a Child Passenger Safety Tech, I get a lot of questions when I'm working with families and helping them get their car seats and booster seats installed correctly.

One of the top questions I have related to booster seats is "Which is better, a 5-point harnes or a booster seat with just the seat belt?" Well, I just happened to find one of the best and most detailed explinations related to this question on "The Car Seat Blog" and I wanted to share it with you here. Katie does some great research and shares it with us. Check it out.

As always, Thanks and Drive Safe Missoula

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