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Protecting What Matters Most: Missoula Buckles Up at 93%

As residents of Missoula, we take pride in our community and want to keep each other safe. According to recent statistics, Montana has made great strides in increasing seat belt usage over the decades. Right here in Missoula, we're doing even better than the state average with a 93% seat belt usage rate.

Woman sitting in the drivers seat, parked, left arm resting on the open window of the car.  She is wearing a seat belt, She is looking directly at the camera with a half smile on her face.

While these numbers are encouraging, there's still room for improvement. Here's some questions to consider:

  • When you get into a vehicle, what factors make you automatically reach for your seat belt before starting your journey?

  • For those with children, how have you successfully made buckling up a habit that your kids don't even question? Have you heard about our Knuckles for Buckles Game?

  • When it comes to raising children, I've always said, "More stuff is caught than taught." Our kids will adopt our behaviors despite what we say. How are we making sure that we are not only talking the talk, but we are also walking the walk?

  • If a close friend or family member was gravely injured because they weren't wearing a seat belt, how could that personal story influence others to buckle up?

The statistics are clear - seat belts save lives. Here's a great Consumer Affairs article shared by Flathead City-County Health Department Health Promotion Specialist - Wendy Olson Hansen - How Many Lives Are Saved by Seat Belts Each Year? 2024 | ConsumerAffairs®

At the end of the day, we all want to go home safely to our loved ones after every car ride. Let's keep working together as Missoulians to make smart, lifesaving choices every time we're on the road. Our lives are simply too precious not to.

Drive Safe Missoula is also your Go-To place to make sure your Child's Car Seat is installed correctly. Check our our Child Passenger Safety page for more information.

Picture of an infant style rear facing only car seat.

Thanks for leading the way Missoula.

The Drive Safe Missoula Logo.   A black license plate shaped logo that says, "Drive Safe"  The letter "I" in drive is directly above the letter "I" in Missoula and they help form the yellow dashes you might see on a roadway.

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