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The Newest Car Seat Techs in Montana

Montana gained 15 new Child Passenger Safety Technicians on Friday. These are superhero people from agencies all around Montana. They spent 4 days learning all the detailed aspects of how to help families ensure their child's car seat is properly installed.

After a brief morning classroom session, these 15 Techs hosted a Car Seat Fitting event that help families from around Missoula. The parking lot was full of vehicles and car seats during the two-hour event on Friday Morning. Parents left knowing that their little ones will be traveling much safer because of these superheroes.

Pictured are 19 people standing outside of a building.  They are the 15 new Child Passenger Safety Technician with their 4 instructors.
Montana's Newest Child Passenger Safety Techs with their instructors

Special thanks to NBC Montana and KPAX for coming out yesterday to highlight the importance of the proper use of child car seats.

To learn more about Child Passenger Safety efforts here in Missoula, please visit for more information.

Thank you and Drive Safe Missoula

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