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Transforming Road Safety: How TrypScore is Making Driving Safer for Everyone

In our modern world, cars, roads, and driving are everywhere. Attaining a driver’s license is a coming-of-age moment for many young people, signifying their transition into adulthood and adult responsibilities. However, beyond this milestone, how do we work to maintain a safe standard of driving? 

This question intrigued Bill Bland, the founder of TrypScore. Initially developing cognitive tests to assess driving impairment, his research inspired the creation of an app aimed at transforming road safety.

Enter TrypScore—a free, game-based, user-focused mobile app designed to promote and enhance safe driving. By engaging drivers with exciting challenges, competitions, and prizes, TrypScore encourages the practice of good driving habits, ultimately making our communities and young drivers safer.

TrypScore gamifies driving, making mindful driving practices enjoyable. Drivers can collect XPs, Pyns, and Badges to unlock gift cards while receiving valuable insights into their driving behavior. The app's scoring system provides statistics on speed, handling, phone use, braking, and more, helping drivers improve their skills, become more mindful of their habits, and make positive changes in their communities.

In its mission to improve driver safety, TrypScore is also addressing a significant seasonal trend known as the “100 Deadliest Days.” This period, spanning from May 25th to September 2nd, sees a surge in teen-driver-related collisions, impacting 5 million families. As teens spend more time on the road with friends, at summer jobs, or learning to drive, it's crucial to protect them and proactively address the dangers of these 100 days.

If making our roads and communities safer resonates with you or your organization, consider supporting TrypScore's mission to transform driving safety today. Visit to learn more about getting involved in the 100 Safest Days campaign, or reach out to

Why is Drive Safe Missoula Promoting this?

Because I've been using Trypscore for over a year now and I have to say, my driving has improved. I'm even competing with my family and believe me my daughter, who is 25 years old, absolutely loves to brag when she gets a better driving score than her former police officer father.

For the longest time I've been ranked as the #1 Safest Driver in Montana within the App. Can you guess who's #1 now? (Way to Go Jessica!!!) Do you think you have what it takes to knock her off the podium? There's only one way to find out. --->

Girl in Wheelchair driving with hand controls wearing a seat belt
Jessica driving "More Gooder" than her dad.

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