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Welcome Lifesavers Superhero!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Traffic Safety Professionals

Are you a traffic safety professional wondering how to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your work but don't know where to start?  I get you.   

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Artificial Intelligence AI - The quick 411

Do terms like Prompt Engineering, Generative AI, Machine Learning, Large Language Models just cause anxiety, fear, and an overall WTF feeling?   You are not alone.   Let's look into what some of these things are and how you might be able to utilize them to your advantage.

Text Based AI

Asking AI to come up with text based content like:

  • Social Media & Blog Posts

  • Replying to an email

  • Generating Notes and Meeting Minutes

  • Applying for a grant

  • Analyzing Data

  • Websites (Just like this one)


Images & Icons

Using AI to generate Images and Video & some examples.

Other AI Resources

A list of just a few of the AI Tools I use and where to go to learn more.

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