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This is a Missoula based community campaign and we need your help.

Join us and "Let's Not Wreck the Holidays" as we all commit to safe, sober driving.  With one simple choice, we, our friends, and our family make it home safely. 

Together, let's spread cheer, and sober drivers.

Please share our

"Let's Not Wreck The Holiday" 


  1. on social media

  2. with your employees

  3. with your clients, and

  4. throughout our community.  

This December, let's plan ahead for sober transportation. Let's give the gift of safe travels. Let's not wreck the holidays.

Thank you for helping build a stronger, safer community and for looking our for one another this holiday season.


Talk Back Live says, "Let's Not Wreck The Holidays"  Listen here

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Let's Not Wreck The Holidays

Friends, neighbors, colleagues - lend me your ears! This is a call to action for our entire Missoula community. 

Our first responders put their lives on the line when answering late-night calls about impaired drivers. The doctors and nurses in our hospitals work tirelessly to save the lives of crash victims. Our local businesses suffer when customers and employees are injured or worse. And we all share the roads, putting our own lives at risk.

Impaired driving really shakes up our entire community, just like a snow globe.  I believe Enough is enough. How can we work together to rid our community of the dangers caused by impaired driving? 


This campaign is different. It's about empowering all of us to take ownership of this problem, so we can work together to prevent impaired driving. We need your voice, your passion, your ideas. 

Imagine if we all spread the word, from the firefighters and police officers to the baristas and small business owners. If we stood together and shouted across Missoula: "Hey friends...Let's Not Wreck The Holidays."

Our future depends on it. Our lives depend on it. Missoula depends on it. Let's do this together!  Are you with us?

Looking to talk with another alcoholic?  AA can help! 
Call the Montana AA Hotline
(833) 800-8553


Looking for a meeting in the Missoula area?
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