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A different kind of Child Passenger Safety system.

Here are four options that may help solve some of the common child passenger safety issues that are often faces when traveling, infact are safe for daily use.

First, here's a Wearable Car Seat System called Ride Safer that makes travel easier and much safer for your child. It may also help solve some common issues parents face with traditional car seats and booster seats.


Second, here's compact Belt Positionsing System called MiFold.

This is a foldable Booster seat that can easily fit in a pocket, purse, or bag and helps position an adult seat belt to fit your child. When traveling and using a Ride Sharing service, this helps ensure your children are riding safely.


A third option is the WhizRider Vest. The Whize Rider Vest is another super portable seat belt positioning option that is easy to use for both parents and children.


Here's a forth option for your consideration.

The Pico form WayB:

We often get calls from parents looking for solutions that these car seats may solve. I'm glad I happened to learn about these product at the Lifesavers Conference and that I'm able to share it with you.

Please feel free to reach out with comments, questions, or concerns.

Also check out our page on Child Passenger Safety.

Thanks and as always, Drive Safe Missoula.

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