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It's Okay to Be Mad. DUI Laws in Montana and around the world.

Looking at this infographic from Dräger,

  1. I like Utah's Blood Alcohol Limit

  2. I like the 90 Days for a first DUI in Minnesota

  3. I appreciate how Arizona is giving offenders the Ax

  4. I think all insurance companies should increase premiums like they do in North Carolina for DUI Offenders.

Want to take a quick look at Montana's DUI law....including Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis Laws? Check it out here on the National Alliance to Stop Impaired Driving site

Think we are tough here in the United States? Check these out.

Chile: DUI 1st Offense - 2 year Driver's License suspension. 2nd Offense - 5 year suspension, 3rd Offense - life-time suspension.

Colombia: DUI BAC level .02% - .039% (Montana is .08%) - Driver's License suspension for 1-year plus fines. BAC Level of .15% or grater = 10 year suspension

Poland: DUI BAC level is .02% = possible driver's license suspension of 3 years.

Germany: Zero BAC for beginners (less than two years experience or under 21 yoa). For cyclists, the limit is set at .16% Fines are based upon one's disposable income.

Netherlands: .02% BAC for drivers with less than 5 years experience

Albania: (Because I know you were hoping I would get to this little country on the Adriatic Sea) Their DUI BAC limit for everyone is .02%

Just so you drink, even for a 240 pound male, will result in a .02% BAC. For most people, 2 or 3 drinks will put them above the "Legally Intoxicated" limit of .08% here in Montana.

Thank you and Drive Safe Missoula

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