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It's National Seat Belt Day!

Did you know that the modern three-point seat belt that we use today was first invented by Volvo 60 years ago?

When it was first introduced, and mandatory seatbelt laws were introduced, people called it a violation of human rights. People claimed it was inconvenient, uncomfortable, and a terrible idea. It's has saved more than 1 Million Lives. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says seatbelts are the "single most effective safety technology in the history of the automobile."

Remember, no matter what seat you are sitting in, the seat belt is your best bet to keep you within the engineered safety cage of the vehicle.

Your vehicle's cage or occupant compartment is the place that gives you the most significant opportunity to survive a crash.

Remember that if someone chooses not to wear their seatbelt in a vehicle, they become a potentially deadly projectile during a crash.

They can fly around and kill others who are buckled up.

In Missoula, 92.19% of all front-seat occupants are wearing their seat belts, and 87.95% of pick-up truck occupants are wearing their seat belts.

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