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"Say Cheese, Not Charges: Let's Keep the Holidays Mugshot-Free!"

Looking for some post-scroll entertainment? Hit up right after soaking in this post. But hey, before you dive into those orange and blue photos, don't miss the 🎄🎅 GENIUS LEVEL HOLIDAY MESSAGE from Missoula Mugs. It's at the very top of their page, but just to make it easy for you, here's the direct link:

Okay, confession time: I'm a certified Mugger. Nah, not that my face has graced their site, but I've clicked through those pics a

fair few times. But seriously, ever wonder what it feels like to have your photo and charges plastered on a public platform like that? Emotions on hyperdrive, I bet! Talk about a personal and professional reputation rollercoaster.

Now, don't misunderstand me—

I'm all for learning from mistakes (humanity's favorite pastime). But seriously, shouldn't we be past the "Let's learn impaired driving the hard way" phase? It's like, hello, driver's license test, anyone? Yet, with all the DUI hoopla in our community and nationwide, it's like some folks missed the memo. Am I the only one seeing this?

I wonder how many DUI offenders don't like paying taxes and they believe lawyers get paid too much, yet $6,000 to $10,000 of fees and fines is somehow okay? Not to mention increased insurance costs. And I'll go back to it once again, what about the cost to their personal and professional reputations? Ouch!

I'll hand it to Missoula Mugs "Let's Not Wreck The Holidays" message—they said what we're all thinking, but with extra pizzazz. Bravo!

So, let's unite to keep our DUI

mugshots off their website this December. 'Tis the season for joy, not for sporting a mugshot on a local jail roster! As we gear up for festive shenanigans, it's a crucial reminder: let's plan ahead and party smart.

We're not saying skip the fun—go wild! But do it smartly. Look out for your squad, use a rideshare app, or appoint a sober superhero. Trust me, your future holiday card should have smiles, not mugshots.

Mistakes happen, sure. But this season, let's swap those facepalm moments for belly-laugh-worthy memories. Because honestly, a DUI mugshot doesn't scream 'Happy Holidays!' It's more like 'Oops, I Did It Again.'

Join our mission: cheese for holiday fun, not for charges! Let's make this season legendary—for all the right reasons. Your merry moments deserve more than a one-way ticket to Mugshotville. Let's keep the holidays radiant, joyous, and most importantly, mugshot-free.

Remember we all share the roads with one another. Let's work together to stay safe, stay responsible, and Let's Not Wreck The Holidays by ending up in the slammer! 🎉🚫

A HUGE thank you to Missoula Mugs for helping support the "Let's Not Wreck The Holiday's" impaired driving awareness campaign.

Do you have a creative way of sharing this message and would like to colaborate? Hit us up here at Drive Safe Missoula.

Thanks and Drive Safe Missoula

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