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Think Twice in Missoula

What is Think Twice and where the heck are they in Missoula?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Think Twice is the most innovative, meet people where they are, DUI prevention strategy I've seen in all my years of law enforcement.

So what does Think Twice do here in Missoula? With the support of the Missoula County DUI Task Force (Drive Safe Missoula), Think Twice provides bars and restaurants with single-use breathalyzers. Those bars and restaurants then sell them to customers for around $2.00. The devices are tubes about the size of a pen that contain crystals that react to the presence of alcohol. Customers blow air through the tube. If there is alcohol detected, the crystals will turn a red shade indicating a customer's approximate Breath Alcohol Content (BAC). The breathalyzers measure the BAC levels from 0.0%, .02%, .05% to .08%. It's important to note the device does NOT provide a specific BAC result. This feature allows patrons who are not apparently intoxicated to know when they should not drive without causing a business legal issues.

Forrest McKai, who is a co-founder and Vice President of Think Twice, says, "If breathalyzers are used by law enforcement after somebody decides to drive, then maybe there's an opportunity to use the same technology before someone drives."

Why is this important?

Our DUI Rates here in Montana are among the highest in the United States, and 50% of the highway fatalities in 2020 involved an impaired driver here in Montana. As of February 23, 2021, we've had 31 deaths (only 14 this time last year) on Montana's roadways, and 17 of those have involved an impaired driver. We are going in the wrong direction, and people are dying.

Most importantly, this is about trying to save lives and preventing injuries. Additionally, it's about trying to save someone's future, career, livelihood, money, and reputation. Don't most job applications ask about your criminal background? I'm just saying.

Where can you find Think Twice in Missoula

Traveling to Bozeman? Think Twice is there too.

Right before the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the United States, Think Twice was in Missoula at the Missoula Downtown Association's Winter BrewFest (Here's a video) with their portable breathalyzers. It was a huge hit, and BrewFest participants enjoyed learning more about Breath Alcohol Tests. People lined up and gave it a go. Every person we spoke with thanked us for being out there and thought this sort of education and service was essential during drinking events. Check out the photos below. There are some added photos of Think Twice posters and Info that you can find in the different establishments here in Missoula.

Check out for some of the latest local efforts to keep our roads safer by promoting sober driving, the proper use of seatbelts, and child passenger safety.

Thank you, and Drive Safe Missoula.


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