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Don't Guess, Get Checked: Why Having Your Car Seat InspectedCould Save Your Child's life.

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to keep your child safe. One important way to ensure your child's safety while riding in a vehicle is by using a properly installed car seat. However, there is more to it than simply throwing your kid in a car seat. I get it, proper car seat instalation can be difficult and confusing.

Having your child's car seat checked by a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician is crucial. Here's why:

Proper Installation is Key

The primary reason to have your child's car seat checked by a technician is to ensure that it's installed correctly. Studies have shown that between 80 and 90% of car seats are not installed correctly, which means that children may not be properly secured in the event of a crash. Many parents appreciate the eye opening experience and mention that they didn’t realize there was so much to consider when it comes to ensuring they are transporting their child safely. A certified technician will check the car seat's installation and ensure that it's secure and meets all safety standards.

There are Several Types of Car Seats

There are several types of car seats, including rear-facing, forward-facing, booster seats, and combination seats. Each type of car seat has specific requirements, such as weight limits and installation methods. A certified technician can help you determine which type of car seat is appropriate for your child's age, height, and weight and ensure that it's installed correctly. Additionally, it may be a bit confusing knowing when it’s time to transition to the next car seat.

Laws and Regulations Change

Car seat laws and regulations can change over time. What may have been considered safe or legal a few years ago may not be the case today. A certified technician stays up-to-date on the latest laws, regulations, and technology.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that a certified technician has checked your child's car seat can provide peace of mind. It's one less thing to worry about when you're on the road, and you can rest assured that your child is as safe as possible in the event of a crash.

Where to Find a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician

Naturally, you can reach out to Drive Safe Missoula, Safe Kids Montana, Missoula Rural Fire Department and Frenchtown Rural Fire District here locally and we can help.

You can also find a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician in your area through the National Child Passenger Safety Certification website and selecting Find A Tech.” Simply enter your city to find a technician near you. There are 19 car seat techs here in the Missoula area and 169 throughout the state of Montana listed on the site.

Interested in Becoming a Car Seat Technician?

Check out theBecome A Tech page. There are several Child Passenger Seat Technician classes every year across the state of Montana. We would love to have you.

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